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Frequently Asked Questions

what is xtraBuilder ?

xtraBuilder, is a drag and drop HTML website builder or Template it offers variety of tools to help you design your website very faster and Easy

How to you charge for subscription plans ?.

from standard and Agency plan. we charge monthy or even yearly depending on how someone wish to subscribe in Our Hosting Packages.

What payment method do you use ?

we accept payment method from credit cards, local and international bank Transfer, mobile money and so on.But currently we do not support Paypal Payment Gateway. Because paypal is not in our countries

Which countries do you accept Local Bank account payments ?.

Currectly, we accept local bank Payment to these countries. in which you can pay Directly to our Bank Account: Here is the list of countries that we accept local payment:

  • Canada
  • Tanzania
  • Australia
  • countries inside EU and SEPA
  • United Kingdom
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Turkey
  • US
  • Hungary

Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] for bank name and account name

Do you accept international bank transfer ?

Yes, we accept bank transfer to all countries in the world

Are you a web hosting ?

NO, we are not a web hosting company. and we do not encourage you to host your website with us. until further notice. But we are part of TronLite Technology services and Our company offers a third party website Hosting company called Karol Hosting. in which you can connect it with us through FTP connection.